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the rabbitttttttt ahhhhhhhh cute
11 months ago
I remember the wall scroll made from the art that I actually kinda wanted. Cool to see a figure made tho I wish the tray and drinks were included
11 months ago
Found the original art on the artist's website - holy moly the colors are so good. Wasn't totally sold on the sculpt but she's gorgeous in color. I don't think I'll pick her up as I'm not really a fan of original playboy bunnies (and the manufacturer left out the serving tray and drinks), but she's sure to look even better painted.

Not sure if it'll link properly, but here is the original art: www.ppp25do.com...
She also has an alternate limited figure listed on hpoi: www.hpoi.net/ho...

In any case, the artist has a ton of cool designs that I hope get figures someday.
11 months ago
The little bunny! Ohhhh... <3
11 months ago
great heavens
11 months ago


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