Little Witch Academia - Atsuko Kagari (Flat☆Brat)Little Witch Academia - Atsuko Kagari (Flat☆Brat)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Little Witch Academia - Atsuko Kagari (Flat☆Brat)
02/08/2015 As Limited (Japan) «Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter]»
5,000 JPY (USD)
07/27/2014 As Limited (Japan) «Wonder Festival 2014 [Summer]»
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uwu so preetty colours!
5 years ago
GSC scale this pls!!!!!
5 years ago
GSX, Alter, anybody scale this please.
5 years ago
This is super cool, I hope to pick this up sometimes.
6 years ago
miyatsumu cinderella girl
This movie deserves so much love ;-;
7 years ago
Pretty. I love those kits based off of artwork.
8 years ago
lesbian CEO of obsessive merch buying
Dream kit ;^;
8 years ago
aww wow~!
8 years ago
If someone PVC this I will die happy
8 years ago
This is beautiful! I'll hope someone picks this up (c'mon Goodsmile!)
8 years ago