One Piece - Nami - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates MILD  (CB-2) - 1/8 (MegaHouse)One Piece - Nami - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates MILD (CB-2) - 1/8 (MegaHouse)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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One Piece - Nami - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates MILD  (CB-2) - 1/8 (MegaHouse)
10/25/2008 As Standard
¥1,800 (USD)4535123711602
1/8  H=120mm (4.68in, 1:1=0.96m)
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥41,269)

Pre Owned for ¥41,269
└ Check product page for the item condition.
Looking to buy in ARGENTINA :)

I am also looking for:
- Zoro
- Ussop
- Nico Robin
11 months ago
Looking to buy in USA, plus all the others in my wishlist.
1 year ago
(WTS) a Few of my personal Anime Collection Goods!!!!

Take a look >_<

Prices and Pictures : imgur.com/galle...

Reddit: r/Luffypower90

MFC: Luffypower90 LUFFYPOWER90

Shipping is not included. Offers Welcome
2 years ago
Selling for 60 : pics are www.reddit.com/...
2 years ago
For Sale MISB POP Mild Luffy, Robin, Sanji, Zoro, Nami, Brook, Boa Hancock, Franky, Vivi, Usopp.
Philippines only, pm me for the details.
6 years ago
$35 no box + shipping + paypal fee, PM if interested, I really need the money :)
7 years ago
Rerelease/Renewal version was showcased at MegaHobby EXPO!
ITEM #269842
8 years ago
I'm selling this PoP for 70$. I also sell her Sister Nojiko (50$) and her mom Bellmere (200$, no Box). All three figures together for 300$+shipping and PayPalfee.
Please PM me if you are interested or for further details
9 years ago
Selling all my milds, PM if interested. Going to list on ebay in a week. SOLD
9 years ago