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Naruto Shippuuden - Hatake Kakashi - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)
12/25/2015 As Limited + Exclusive (Japan) «Tamashii Webshop»
5,800 JPY (USD)
H=145mm (5.66in)
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Orders can be placed at Tamashii Webshop between the 2nd July 2015 from 16:00JST until the 24th September 2015 at 23:00JST.


Selling mine. CLASSIFIED #192586

3 years ago
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6 years ago
Just a heads up if you live in the US, I swung by a Barnes & Noble this past weekend and saw a couple Kakashi Figuarts available for about $35 bucks. I knew B&N distributed Gundam stuff, but didn't know they also carried some SHF stuff like Sailor Moon and DBZ. Didn't see any other Naruto SHFs though. While a little annoyed since I paid a little over that to get him on first release (being a webshop exclusive), this is a nice cheaper alternative if you don't already have him.
7 years ago
I guess many people gonna hate me for disliking even the new Figuarts-Naruto Figures, but "that's my way of ninja" :3

Kakashi is my most favourite Anime/Manga-character, and as a fan of ACBA and articulated figures in general, I was always wanting a Kakashi-Action-Figure. And I was really excited when Tamashii Nations announced his release, I was even planing to buy him. But after a while I changed my mind because this is an amazing SH Figuarts figure, but an average Kakashi figure.

There were actually 3 other articulated Kakashi figures - one from Mattel and two from Toynami. Mattel's Naruto-Line was ugly and best figures had mostly basic articulation only. Both of Toynami's Kakashi (the one with the scroll is already in my collection, the shipuuden one gonna arrive next week) are actually really close to what Kakashi looked like - the scroll-version for the first season, the other one for shipuuden. They have also more than just basic articulation und some nice accessoires, but they are a bit too small if compared to figmas and figuarts, and they have here and there few mistakes when it comes to proportions.
The SH Figuarts Kakashi has a bunch of accessoires, decent articulation, good paint-job and stuff but ... is that Kakashi? He's too skinny, the face is to broad, his hair is too short ... and his chidori looks like water-style-rasengan with spikes. And he's too tall, even for Minato who is also part of the new Naruto-line. Naruto-Wikia says they have 3cm difference, but Figure Kakashi is 1/2 head taller than Figure Minato, and I was not counting Kakashi's top-styled hair. This would make smth. about 12-15cm difference in human size. And yeah, Minato is in scale with old Sasuke and Naruto figures.

I would buy him, for 45-55$ maybe. He's still a cool looking figure, and for a Kakashi and Figuarts fan this is a "must be" for me. But I have both of these Toynami-Kakashi and they both look so much more Kakashi than this figuarts ... I don't know ... most collectors don't have any choice now anyway, these Toynami figures became rare and expensive, and I think a figuarts Kakashi for 50$ is better than a Toynami Kakashi for 80$+.
7 years ago
7 years ago
Silvery just an earth-bound misfit
My Kakashi has finally arrived (fashionably late, as expected from Kakashi), and I'm really happy! Compared to my recent misadventures with Bandai's action figures, especially those exclusive ones, his quality is good. His right kneecap needs to be glued on, and I wish the ring-like moving part of his vest was a bit less loose, but other than that, he looks great - light years better than the previous Naruto SHFs. He's sitting cross-legged (not many figures can't pull off this!) on my desk right now, the book in his hand, and he just looks so Kakashi-like! And his skin has no weird yellow tints. :3 Now, to make a decent Raikiri effect part for him...
7 years ago
Finally got him today. I was frightened too because of those photos with yellowish skin color... But in reality his skin color looks natural and the quality is really nice.
7 years ago
Silvery just an earth-bound misfit
Therogue4th7 years ago#6442614Hahah dont worry you will, he looks exactly like the pictures above, well my figure's paint is excellent no yellowness to the skin, no blotched paint areas or nothing its the best figure by far in this line and he was worth the money and the wait trust me! Is there anyway of showing pictures in this because i can take pictures of mine to reassure you?
Well, I've seen a couple of reviews (like the one posted below), and his skin seemed normal, hence me being unpleasantly surprised by those photos that made me ask. But feel free to post your own photos, of course. :) (Though I still feel like I paid too much for him... oh well, it's anybody's fault that the dollar exchange rate is so killer nowadays.)
7 years ago
Hi guys,

I made a youtube and blog review about this figure. Hopefully I am not breaking any rules posting my videos/blog here. Do let me know!



I also did a Minato (4th hokage) review. I hope some of you will enjoy them.
7 years ago