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Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken - POP! Animation - POP! Vinyl (Funko Toys)
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Glows in the dark.
Price $12.50


iLorenSenpai2 years ago#95184686why mine doesn't glow in the dark i have dark light

Do you have the glow in the dark version?
1 year ago
why mine doesn't glow in the dark i have dark light
2 years ago
A nicely painted figure and I'm kinda glad mine doesn't glow in the dark xD (and that I don't have a black light) I don't need Kaneki peering at me from my shelf as I try to sleep xD
6 years ago
One of the very few acceptable POP! figures, in my humble onion. At least he has a mouth and lacks 1 eye.
6 years ago
sekkekers impulse buyer
it's a pop! figure
it's good for the price, but it's not like his 1/8. what do you guys expect???
7 years ago
How to make it glow: simple. You need a black light.
7 years ago
I got one. Its okay for the price so people should suck it up. If you dont like it, then dont buy it simple as that. At least its a official product and not one of those cheap bootlegs.

Its a POP figure for god sake not a Nendoroid. Its like comparing a Toyota and a Lamborghini.
7 years ago
Apeji7 years ago#5069522Plz GSC, look this ugly Kaneki, go make Tokyo Ghoul Nendo :/
I know it's not a nendoroid but there's a chara-forme kaneki thats way better than this pop! thing
ITEM #286099 and ITEM #319699 (variant)
7 years ago
I was super excited to see a TG figure made by an offical company ,outside Japan, so I'm kind of annoyed that so many people are commenting just to bag on it.
7 years ago
I actually like it. Too bad the glow in the dark sucks, mine doesnt glow at all. Does anyone have the same problem?
7 years ago
PVC anime figure store.



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