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Oboro Muramasa - Nekomata Okoi - 1/8 (Alter)
1/8  H=170mm (6.63in, 1:1=1.36m)
12/11/2018 As Standard
¥14,800 (USD)4560228204704
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The andon lamp has a LED light-up function. Button battery is required to light the LED.


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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥29,670)

Brand New for ¥29,670
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Katze_N4 months ago#109690990Selling her for 160$ shipped within the US Any chance you're still selling that? Or anyone else selling for a reasonable price?
2 months ago
humudesu8 months ago#105600312Still want to purchase! In the US ^^milkcummies6 months ago#107911397I need her pls :( Selling her for 160$ shipped within the US
4 months ago
I need her pls :(
6 months ago
Still want to purchase! In the US ^^
8 months ago
shinhawk1 year ago#101554834Wow, I guess Okoi's price went up. I'm glad I got her last year at TOM when they put her on clearance for 50% off the original price.

Congratz sir,
Her price is goes down after releasing
8 months ago
9 months ago
Cerestia10 months ago#104264637Selling her, with box and in perfect condition, 200 € (EU only).

Lowered the price to 135 € since she got a little paint defect on top of her ribbon, which is not noticeable when displayed. Pictures available in my profile.SOLD
9 months ago
Anyone selling for close to retail?
9 months ago