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Hello Kitty to Issho! - Minase Shizuku (Griffon Enterprises)
06/29/2011 As Standard (Japan)
7,047 JPY (USD)
H=180mm (7.02in)
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iso!! in the US
13 days ago
StrawbeeCake Figure Princess
Looking for! Please DM!!
2 months ago
she looks so weird and i cant tell why
2 months ago
helIokitty4 months ago#119139036looking for this fig! lmk if selling <3mewmewkyui7 months ago#114169020Pm me if selling!
3 months ago
looking for this fig! lmk if selling <3
4 months ago
hi!!! I'm selling her if anyone is interested!! <333
5 months ago
surimuki5 months ago#117398799thinking of selling her, im open to offers!

Hi! What is your minimum price for this figure?
5 months ago
selling for 120€ + shipping!
7 months ago
Pm me if selling!
7 months ago
phillysky8 months ago#113422052I bit the bullet and bought her for 12,000 I was being a bit ridiculous and hoping to find her for like near retail when she's literally over a decade old by now!~
I kind of accepted the fact that to find her these days I'd need to be ready to pay a bit more lmao~ super happy though! I have 8/9 from the full series of figures now!


Best purchase of my life. She sparks immense joy. ✨

But for real though she is perfect! Sanrio is throwing money away by not re-releasing her. Especially these days with the craze of sanriocore, animecore, webcore, etc. kind of aesthetics!

The wheels of the scooter even move! Although it can’t literally be pushed around since the brake is down and fixed in place but I think it’s a fun bonus detail!

Also the choices of where they added glossy parts/texture on the figure are perfect! If you are considering getting your hands on this figure, go for it! She’s worth every penny.
8 months ago