Persona 5 - Sakura Futaba - 1/7 - Kaitou ver. (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)Persona 5 - Sakura Futaba - 1/7 - Kaitou ver. (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Persona 5 - Sakura Futaba - 1/7 - Kaitou ver. (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)
11/16/2018 As Limited + Exclusive «Limited Edition»
¥16,204 (USD)4981932511320
11/16/2018 As Limited + Exclusive «Regular Edition»
¥13,704 (USD)4981932511313
1/7  H=230mm (8.97in, 1:1=1.61m)
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Orders via Hobby Japan can be placed from the 25th January 2018 to the 13th March 2018.

Shipping schedule: November to December 2018.


In stock @ JFigure.com (¥64,100)
Condition: pre-owned A/A. The box is opened but the figure is overall in good condition. Parts complete.
i want you so bad im going bananas i hope they rerelease the light version too its my fave
19 days ago
Aya_-chan2 months ago#119621065That would be even better!

Now all we need is Futaba. I'm on my hands and knees please, Amakuni. I need my dorky hacker girl. .
19 days ago
1 month ago
Ok now that Tae also got a rerelease I'm fully convinced it's only a matter of time. Futaba come home to me at a reasonable price plz I beggggggg
1 month ago
I'm selling the limited edition with the lights used in the USA. Please contact me for more details and pictures. I need space to replace this figure for new figures.
I keep my comments and ads for what I'm selling up to date.
1 month ago
Haruhiro9854 months ago#115760372Lowered price Selling one in B condition. It's the Light Up version. $280 Free EMS shipping and free PayPal fee included
No issues. Just some smudge at the her butt since she sits all day

Still available
Edit. Sold
1 month ago
God how sad is it that I'm looking at the $310 I just dropped on her and thinking about how much of a steal it was lmao, this hobby has beaten me down to a pulp.
1 month ago
this is my grail I hope it does rerelease
1 month ago
cmonnn do a rerelease
2 months ago