Pocket Monsters Platinum - Giratina - Pokémon Pre-Order Bonus - Origin Forme (Kaiyodo)Pocket Monsters Platinum - Giratina - Pokémon Pre-Order Bonus - Origin Forme (Kaiyodo)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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comes with Platinum when pre-ordered


pandorax2491 year ago#95906176is anyone selling this?
Are you still looking to buy this?
5 months ago
7 months ago
is anyone selling this?
1 year ago
Shaerileth5 years ago#22231287I am, if you're still interested.
Sadly I am no longer interested but thank you for contacting me about it ^-^
5 years ago
Lucieaux a little obsessed...
CitrixNova6 years ago#14706818Anyone selling this?I am, if you're still interested.
5 years ago
Anyone selling this?
6 years ago
I got this when I pre-ordered Platinum in middle school, and now it's still sitting on my bookshelf in college. I love it, honestly, it's such a neat little figure.
6 years ago
For a little figure, this is one of my favorite Pokémon ones!
8 years ago
kihanna13 years ago#21248I walked into a Toys R Us and saw a bunch of these on the counter in the gaming section. I checked the price and they were $0.10 cents each.

.... I bought like six of them. o_o I probably should have grabbed more. I doubt those guys knew they had it set so cheap.

I'm so excited too. This little guy made me want Platinum when I really didn't want to get the game. It's so pretty for a tiny thing!

I work for TRU and we don't set the price. They have a preset price for promo items. Usually it is .01 cents, not .10 cents, so that is a little strange. And we aren't supposed to sell them if we run out of the item they come free with (in this case, the game), or by themselves. So you got lucky you were able to buy them!
9 years ago
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Giratina isn't one of my favorite legendaries, but god damn this is an awesome little figure.
10 years ago