Mushi-shi - Ginko - Real Action Heroes  (No.297) (Medicom Toy)Mushi-shi - Ginko - Real Action Heroes (No.297) (Medicom Toy)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Mushi-shi - Ginko - Real Action Heroes  (No.297) (Medicom Toy)
H=300mm (11.7in)
01/2007 As Standard
¥16,800 (USD)
Japanese31,677 hits • 25 comments30 likes



Accessories: scroll, green bowl, medicine pack, cigarette


In stock @ JFigure.com (¥51,500)
Condition: pre-owned A/B. The box is opened and damaged. The figure is overall in good condition. Parts complete. Est. shipping to USA/Canada: JPY6170 by DHL / JPY7960 by UPS.
Looking to buy for $200, no box, broken, and missing parts is fine.
17 days ago
Solomonya - scammer -
selling for 400$
2 months ago
Selling NIB. $400 - buyer pays shipping and insurance. Will send pictures of the actual item if interested.
1 year ago
Looking for one!
1 year ago
selling, PM with offers
3 years ago
A newest "this is the cheapest I've ever seen him" ...LOL, Ginko listed on Yahoo Jp for 30,000 JPY (or around $275 USD) before shipping of course. Seems like a great deal.


**UPDATE 11/24/18** They've dropped the price to 23k JPY. :D

**UPDATE 12/1/18** He's now only 20k JPY!!!
3 years ago
Just saw this guy listed on Ebay, buy it now for $396 + $15 Shipping (USD). Cheapest I have EVER seen him versus via an action where the starting bid is lower.....


(I got him for less, but I lucked up in an auction....had I not found that one I would've thought this was an outstanding price)
4 years ago
karolannafellows4 years ago#35371640May I ask what proxy you use and is it low in shopping and commission fees? That's all I want to know thanks

Yeah no problem, and to be clear the price I mentioned below was before fees/shipping...but yeah, I use ZenMarket as my proxy. It has a super easy and clean interface and functionality. I have only recently used it though, but I purchased an item from Suruga-ya through ZenMarket and it was super easy and I got it without any issue (well packaged, etc...). I also have two items pre-ordered through ZenMarket from the Koto JP shop, but I don't have those yet. This Genko figure will be my 4th item....

To answer your fees question though, ZenMarket usually waives fees on the first purchase for new customers (or rather they give you a credit to cover one purchase's fees), but their fee is only 300jpy per item normally. The shipping depends....if local shipping is free from the original site you are buying from, then the only other fee you'll pay is the international shipping. If it's not then you'll have to cover local and international shipping, but I will add in both cases where shipping was not free for me it was pretty inexpensive (I think 700jpy in one case and maybe 600jpy for the other....on my Koto items, the local shipping was free).

Hope that helps, but if you have any other questions I'd be happy to try to assist.
4 years ago
Stacycmc4 years ago#35363970OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I just won this guy for $78 (before shipping) from Yahoo JP!!!!!!!!!!!! (well I did win the auction, but just worried as it seems too good to be true..LOL).
I am BEYOND excited...the last one I stalked on Yahoo JP (and the CHEAPEST I've seen him, ever....) was for $450, so I am in SHOCK I just won this at that price. He looks to be in great shape too, the only thing I can see wrong with him is they noted he is missing one of his 2 cigarettes (so essentially a spare cig is missing.....).
Man, I hope the store that was selling this doesn't cancel or something goes wrong before/when I get him....but OMG, I am soooo friggin excited!!!!!
May I ask what proxy you use and is it low in shopping and commission fees? That's all I want to know thanks
4 years ago
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