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Halo: Combat Evolved - Master Chief - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)
09/2011 As Standard (Japan)
5,200 JPY (USD)
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8 years ago
fadskjfal;dsirafsg. One of his wrist joints snapped right off. It didn't become lodged in the arm or hand, but it's not reparable. I emailed Square Enix about it but I doubt they'll do anything for me = _=
9 years ago
Got him for Christmas! Wow, the detail on his armor is amazing, it looks weathered. The weapons look realistic too, definitely great for a Halo fan.
10 years ago
It's my favorite from my collection!
11 years ago
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
I got the black Spartan and just opened him today; here's my impressions - comment/825521

Needless to say, I'm not sure if I want to get Mr. 117 himself now :/
11 years ago
Raithos Farthest outpost
Definite must get.
11 years ago
I took my figure and did some justice for the Chief: evolvedmodelcre...
11 years ago
Woodlandbunny S.T.A.R.S. Member
Just bought this for my brother for his birthday and he seemed to like it ^_^

I love him; although I'm kind of annoyed he didn't come with a base as he can be hard to stand up. The weapon was a pain to attach to his hand too. But I love the overall look of the figure and the green colour they used on him is really nice.

Looking at the pictures on the box, I thought I was going to be really disappointed, but I'm really happy with him. One of the better figures in the Play Arts range, in my opinion.
12 years ago
To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Thoughts?
12 years ago
Looks like shit in comparison to the 10 dollar ones they sell at Target.

Though hey, it matches the new CE: Anniversary render of the Chief.

Nobody did the Chief like Bungie... NOBODY
12 years ago



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