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Hello Kitty to Issho! - Nekomura Iroha (Milestone)
05/2012 As Standard
¥7,800 (USD)4582213567366
H=160mm (6.24in)
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will buy her for a big amount
1 day ago
sold on YJA for ¥340000 but no proxy would buy her :(((
3 days ago
im so close to committing
4 days ago
10 days ago
still looking for her
18 days ago
will kill for her
1 month ago
im willing to trade anything to my collection or willing to buy
1 month ago
I just opened her today and I have some thoughts!

She is very cute but as many said, she has MAJOR balance issues since her umbrella is so heavy. If you are just trying to get a figure of this character with the umbrella you're better off going with the prize figure version. No balance issues there.

Also, the prize figure is actually bigger! By a decent amount too! Now I would say the quality feel of the paint is nicer on this scale version but not by a lot, like I think the prize figure and this one are pretty equal in all honesty... if you can look past the shine of the prize figure plastic I'd stick with that (and the prize has no balance issues).

In terms of details, once again, I'd say the prize and scale are pretty much equal! While I do think the paint job is a bit cleaner on the scale, unless you are staring at her you'd barely notice.

ALSO! The scale is actually missing the ribbon detail on the back of her dress! There should be 3 bows but the scale just doesn't have them, meanwhile, the prize figure does! This might just be an oversight because the art the scale is based on never shows her back but still, its quite interesting how the prize figure actually has more detail on her dress than the more expensive scale!

Overall I'd say if you manage to get her for a price you are ok with paying, she's worth it. But she's honestly not much of an upgrade from the prize figure. And this scale basically needs a wall or something so she doesn't fall.
1 month ago
message me if selling
2 months ago
im so fucking done i was going to get her for 300 but somebody bought her:)))))
2 months ago