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Boku no Pico - Pico (Natural High)
04/19/2007 As Limited + Exclusive
¥13,600 (USD)NAD-101
Japanese22,181 hits • 39 comments16 likes



Part of the 『ぴことちこのご堪能BOX』("Piko to Chiko no Go Tannou BOX"), that includes the 2nd episode DVD, an Idol CD, the two figures and illustrated box.

Limited to 1500 items.



oh hell naw LMAOOOO
6 months ago
honestly these comments should be closed, like we get it, you hate boku no pico & think the figure is ugly. you’re not contributing anything of value by leaving hate comments on this item
7 months ago
Holy shit their faces look terrible
7 months ago
sehun ᨭ ֺ ׅ ⋆ カヲシン
I can’t believe this is real?? And expensive LMFAO
8 months ago
ugly gross icky yucky bad ew disgusting
9 months ago
ugly asf so sad
10 months ago
if u ever bring this cursed object into your abode then your entire bloodline will be haunted by the ghosts of molested boys for generations
11 months ago
LMAO why does this exist??
11 months ago
Selling the whole set with both figures, both DVDs and the CD CLASSIFIED #260432
1 year ago
why does this exist
1 year ago
Official anime merchandise


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