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Touhou Project - Flandre Scarlet - 1/7 (Good Smile Company)
1/7  H=210mm (8.19in, 1:1=1.47m)
04/11/2022 As Limited + Exclusive
¥20,909 (USD)4580416942867
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I just opened the figure and I agree that the QC is not the best on this figure. The metal pegs on the base aren't completely countersunk into the base, so it sticks out; before I realized it, when I set the figure up, it completely scratched my desk surface. The base itself is crystal clear plastic so there'd be no way to sand it down. In order to display it without hurting the shelf, you'd have to put some clear padding underneath, or just put it on a plastic base you don't mind getting scratched.

Also, the paint job on the white ribbon trim on the bottom of her dress is has a yellow tinge in places and the ribbon trim itself at the 8 o'clock position (near the right thigh) is split. It looks like that was the design, as it looks the same as the photos taken by Weboshidori. I guess I was surprised because you can't tell this from the stock photos.

Still a great figure, really cute sculpt.
1 month ago
MiyabiRei1 month ago#112213094She arrived!!! To be honest I am kind of disappointed with the quality because it is almost a $200 figure yet there were paint transfers all over her especially the yellow ribbon onto her white apron. There were also mulitple scruffs on her face. I expected better quality but then I realized the common trend in figure manufacturers nowadays is high price lower quality XDDamn that's some bad luck you have there. Seems to be a quality control thing then? Mine arrived today as well (after being lost for over 2 months at the import customs office) and she is perfectly fine.
No paint transfers or chips or scruffs. I actually quite like the paint job and details. The only nitpicking I could do is some slight overlap of the paint of her shorter sock onto the leg (really minimal) and the sculpting of the ribbon around her arms (there is slight gaps at 2 spots between the overlapping parts of the ribbons).
The biggest "flaw" for me is her broad face, but that's something already visible in the pictures (it just didn't bother me as much there as it does in person).
1 month ago
MiyabiRei1 month ago#112240698Because its paint it does not come off with just wet wipes when I do it...Would alcohol work?
Try using a regular eraser or even a magic eraser. I've found that one of those two will usually do the trick.
1 month ago
MiyabiRei1 month ago#112240698Because its paint it does not come off with just wet wipes when I do it...Would alcohol work?

Phew i dont know. I got such paint stains with wet wipes off, but it requires patience
1 month ago
Ina-Senpai1 month ago#112240674Aw man. Try To remove it gently with wet wipes. Thats how i got rid of things like that Because its paint it does not come off with just wet wipes when I do it...Would alcohol work?
1 month ago