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Brand New! => Necomi Illustration "Onetsu Neko Koron-chan" [Union Creative]
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mochidokii Bunny girl enthusiast
Selling for 88$ + shipping on Mercari bottle needs to be glued back to hand
8 months ago
Selling her for $170 plus shipping, in good condition, US buyers only please! :)
1 year ago
Jenthehen1 year ago#104667074That's so sweet!

aaah ikr?? I just set her up and she's perfect! it's a shame that she needs her little foot support (she's quite top heavy), but I'd still recommend her! <3
1 year ago
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
dejektedski1 year ago#104662021lol my bf got her for me because recently I havent been doing so well and... she's just perfect. 10/10 I trust her to take care of me.

That's so sweet!
1 year ago
lol my bf got her for me because recently I havent been doing so well and... she's just perfect. 10/10 I trust her to take care of me.
1 year ago
Koron-chan ... hmmm ... didn't quite convince me in the pre-orders (a lesser known manufacturer to me and Albedo had some manufacturing flaws, but then Yukari-chan again a great product ... in short, not a completely reliable manufacturer). On the advice of an mfc friend and some added pictures, I finally managed (after a few months of raising money) to buy a copy in Figuya (they currently still have it on sale). After all, Nurse-san needs patient XD.
Well, the worries were unnecessary. I was surprised by the weight of the figure and the quality of workmanship in general! That little thing, like the tendency to turn forward, can be refined with some imagination. The only downside if I’m picky is the pedestal, which is blankly transparent and uninteresting and I hope I won’t need it in my future layout.
If I start at the top toward bottom. Not to repeat myself: sleeping cap, hair, body, nightgown, everything is just right and deliciously shaded. The sleeping cap is cute to me on this figure. The hair is also free of ugly hair lines and some strands are perfectly integrated. The strands are nicely thin and the braided part of the hair looks nice. She has beautiful eyes, although this may not be noticeable in the pictures at first. Not to forget ... xp ... even night clothes or the surface of the body itself is pleasant to the touch! The nails are also varnished in a slightly darker creamy natural color. The pose also awakens the imagination ... xp.
In short: I did not notice any flaws in the figure itself, which is due to some details such as: sleeping cap, braided hair, blue eyes, pose, panties nicely detailed with a bow, shading, chest slit ... very nice example, as it has no QC shortcomings. Given these facts and the acceptable price for today standards, I definitely recommend it to everyone. She is cute to me, naughtily - provocatively - sleepy, or in improved health.
Thanks Ditka.
1 year ago
poodlepaws ੯•໒꒱❤︎
hoping to buy her from an au seller ^^
1 year ago