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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/7 - Shaohua (Myethos)
10/20/2021 As Exclusive
¥19,800 (USD)
1/7  H=250mm (9.75in, 1:1=1.75m)
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Only available in china.
Taobao Myethos Shoplink: item.taobao.com...

Please take the time to check this blog BLOG #46391 to check how you can order her directly or via one of the listed proxies and the available extras like a tapestry, life size fan and acrylic display box other shops offer to order along.


I got mine from Aliexpress including shipping was $200 USD. They wrapped it really well and I didn’t get any box or figure damage. Same kind of packaging as ordering from Ami Ami imo. Of course, do your research on the seller, look at all their recent items review photos and message them to make sure you’re buying from a seller that confirms they are selling the legitimate figure and ask for extra padding. Some will ship EMS if you request it.
2 days ago
Looking for her for a reasonable price
7 days ago
Balmy I ♡ 1/4ths
28k jpy, unopened w/ tapestry: buyee.jp/item/y...
25k unopened w/ fan: buyee.jp/item/y...
24.5k unopened w/ fan: buyee.jp/item/y...
24k unopened w/ fan: buyee.jp/item/y...
25k unopened w/ fan: buyee.jp/item/y...
8 days ago
Darquesse11 days ago#117042389 animenpc.No experience with aliexpress' damage process but they refunded me $5 for a lost package. Don't know how it will be for more expensive orders so it's a risk.

animenpc on the other hand takes a paypal warning for them to respond after many days. npc is an extreme last resort. Weird how the figure box is damaged but shipping box was fine. I think they must have dropped it before shipping.

Idk, but it seems box damage isn't covered by any retailer since it's not considered even part of the product.
9 days ago
Darquesse13 days ago#116945859smh where are y'all getting these?

Got mine also for 170 including shipping from AliExpress.
I got mine from a store called Menglu Toystore, you can find her there!
9 days ago
Khadame11 days ago#117042414This Miku retailed for around 160€ and has also binned in CN, so paying more than 160€ plus shipping is basically a rip off considering how common she is.160 euros is about what I paid, but the issue is having to deal with aliexpress instead of a dedicated figure and merch store. But yeah, this Miku is not rare and I hope everyone who wants her can get her.
11 days ago
This Miku retailed for around 160€ and has also binned in CN, so paying more than 160€ plus shipping is basically a rip off considering how common she is.
11 days ago
Ordered this Miku!

She is £196 (£231 including shipping but before tax) on animenpc.com which is $279 in freedombucks.

On catlettuce's advice I made an aliexpress.com account and tried to beat this. I searched for "Hatsune Miku Myethos" on aliexpress, set the minimum price to £99, and sorted by "most ordered" which got me a few good results at the top. These include several reviews which include pictures. I bought the number 2 most ordered in this sort filter which started at £169. Some automatically applied coupons save a tiny amount, like £2.50, but currently there is a black friday sale which saves another £10 and googling for coupons got me a coupon that gives $22 off orders over $180. So in the end I paid about £140 on aliexpress instead of the £230 I would have paid on animenpc.
11 days ago
Selling her locally on Gumtree (Australian website).

11 days ago
Darquesse12 days ago#116988128Okay, thanks. I'll take a look. Hope I don't get scammed, it sucks that there are bootlegs. course! And yeah it really does :( but I always procure looking at reviews extensively as well as the shop. If you have questions feel free to pm me ~__~☆
12 days ago