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Dec 31, 2014

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This is still one of my favorite photos on MFC that I have seen =)
8 years ago
8 years ago
[color=#]Very impressive picture! So much gold O_O
8 years ago
Fired up the disc on my PS3 and got the "Museum Owner" trophy today. Thanks for putting fire to the spark! Once again, lovely shot!
8 years ago
the light glows gorgeously on her *u*
8 years ago
Very cool idea!! Love it! @u@
8 years ago
money, money, money! now go buy stuff! xd!
8 years ago
Wooow !!! *_* :) Happy new year !! ^^
8 years ago
Riesz8 years ago#2566929Chocolate coins? Yummy!

iTheShirt8 years ago#2567489First thought: "There's no way those are Sacajawea coins. They are too shiny. They can be only CHOCOLATE!

Half of them are chocolate,but those shiny coins at back are real money. :D
8 years ago
Thank you everybody! Happy new year~
8 years ago

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