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xTAZORxxTAZORx6 years ago
limited kotobukiya vampire megahouse sega limited_edition moon egg one_piece alter queen's_blade max_factory type_moon banpresto nami lala_satalin_deviluke konjiki_no_yami hobby_japan excellent_model mohio orchid_seed roronoa_zoro alleyne dragon_ball_kai dragon_ball_z rebecca ryu_hayabusa fairy_tail boa_hancock shueisha nitroplus sora_no_otoshimono freezer_-_final_form saber_extra hagii_shunji ajiken oda_eiichiro portrait_of_pirates_dx zenko master_stars_piece katagiri_katsuhiro hamasaki_takeshi morrigan_aensland kodansha toei_animation pm_figure high_quality_dx proovy mashima_hiro clumsy_rei ninja_gaiden nakao_yoshimasa matsuura_ken son_goku_ssj3 skytube astraea lucy_heartfilia nishimura_kinu hachette nakazawa_hiroyuki vegeta_ssj ryujin vegetto_ssj bardock x-plus portrait_of_pirates_"sailing_again" portrait_of_pirates_limited_edition inc. fate/extra_ccc figure_colosseum kengo_iida dragon_ball_-_the_legend_of_manga the_seven_deadly_sins asmodeus tokunaga_fumiyoshi bird_studio nishii scultures to_loveru_darkness orca_toys amakuni rakuen_tsuihou:_expelled_from_paradise angela_balzac hestia viola fuji_television_network manabe_natsuki alphamax marvelous_aql ampere_(revolve) maou_mokushiroku taumokei pinpoint zoukei_tenkaichi_budoukai_5 dungeon_ni_deai_o_motomeru_no_wa_machigatteiru_darou_ka akimof to_loveru_darkness_2nd dragon_ball_super kozo wonder_festival_2016_[summer]

About this picture

A picture to show my new room. I moved to another city and taking advantage of my bigger new room, I've set up a gaming/collection zone (That's why I put a sofa just in front of the TV, to create like a differentiated area). I've also painted in red only that wall xD

The finishing touch is the doggie :P

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xTAZORx https://youtube.com/@xTAZORx
bleachbaths396 years ago#13659806Nice setup! Where did you get the lights for the display cases?


The lights are just a 5 meters RGB LED strip from aliexpress xDDD
They are much cheaper than most of stores and for now they're working great ^^
6 years ago
Nice setup! Where did you get the lights for the display cases?
6 years ago
xTAZORx https://youtube.com/@xTAZORx
Kanon6 years ago#13655686Nice setup! Your pupper is so sweet <3

Thank you! ^^
6 years ago
Nice setup! Your pupper is so sweet <3
6 years ago

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