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LeananLeanan12 years ago
white_hair armour blindfold headgear dark_elf dark rings lineage_ii

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That's pre-painted Dark Saint from e2046 www.e2046.com/p.... It's not in the database because e2046 recasts kits and pvc figures, so it's treated as bootlegger. But Dark Saint and few others are their original design.
11 years ago
SweetIvy . . . NANI!?!
Soo nice what figure is this?
11 years ago
Fajne O_O Nie kojarzę co to za postać, ale podoba mi się:D ( tylko nie mów że to też złożyłaś i pomalowałaś, bo już w ogóle mi umysł pęknie:D )
12 years ago

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