blt9000blt90002 months ago

About this picture

i made the wallpaper,

the 4k upscale of bliss is made by u/reconrey

and here's what i based the osaka bliss wallpaper off of:


also thanks for POTD twice in a row

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blt9000 nitori kappashiro
Psycosaiyan2 months ago#114261031is that a.... Blackwidow v3 pro?

no it's a huntsman elite, i bought it during the razer hype period 2-3 years ago and it's my greatest setback. i deliberately chose the clicky switches.

i also sport a $5 mouse, 2012 orion TV, and a 3060 so you can tell where my budget dropped off lol
2 months ago
is that a.... Blackwidow v3 pro?
2 months ago
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
she do be standing tho
2 months ago
NyuBabi ♡Apparently Smol♡
She really said "I am standing"
2 months ago
HoodieSpirit2 months ago#114226976STANDING HERE-
2 months ago
im interested in that wallpaper as well LOL
2 months ago
Yo were can I find that wallpaper?
2 months ago
2 months ago