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My main figure display, near completion. Aside from the Ikea Detolfs, of course, the rest of the podium, the center shelving, the lighting, and the back of the center shelf were custom builds. The designs on the back of the center shelf are laser engraved into a sheet of blue acrylic. I mounted LED strips to the wall behind the shelf which illuminates the engraved areas.

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7 years ago
top left and right thooo aweesome :3
7 years ago
MrsRococo No Spoilers!
Oh!! Well this totally answers all my questions! This whole setup is SO cool. I love the idea of engraving the backs of the bookcase. Is it acrylic??? So ingenious! I'm super impressed. ❤
7 years ago
Finally got an updated photo of the display posted: PICTURE #1481237
7 years ago
wow !!!
8 years ago
Thank you :)
8 years ago
bulletprooff8 years ago#5189513Hi, do you still have the base? The podium like thing that is under the Ikea Detolf. Would be cool to know the size. Or where to get it made in general. I like the base. Thanks!Built it using 1/2" plywood boards around the front and sides with a frame of 2x4's supporting it and moulding along the edges. This picture shows one end of the interior of the base for an idea of how the frame is made (the bottom looks the same as this top part): imgur.com/G4FYU...
8 years ago
Hi, do you still have the base? The podium like thing that is under the Ikea Detolf. Would be cool to know the size. Or where to get it made in general. I like the base. Thanks!
8 years ago
Yatta_ Migeru
impressive ! It will really be useful if you do a tutorial about your title you made !
8 years ago
Sveva918 years ago#2940807Oh my god, That's REALLY awesome! *_*

Thank you. I'm a bit behind on plans to take updated pictures at the moment. Trying to wait until I finish building my final cabinets and some bookshelves first.
8 years ago

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