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Jun 10, 2023

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I love the set up. I own the same glass cabinet so i could do something like this. However i have been thinking about buying a bigger with more space, however now i am unsure as everyone i see use only this type of cabinet.
3 months ago
First of all, I love the YOI setup you got, huge fan

HOWEVER, I'm kind of obsessed with what appears to be an emo long furby and a rogue skinned furby lurking off to the side.
3 months ago
I see Yuri Plisetsky, I give a like <3
3 months ago
Good idea putting the display cases in the closet XD
3 months ago
Putting all the BL stuff in the closet… lol

Setup looks amazing btw
3 months ago
The Furbies~! ❤️
3 months ago
never would have thought about using a closet. that's a pretty clever way to save space
3 months ago
this is epic loving the furbies btw
3 months ago
the furbies the real star of the show.
3 months ago
miyari daddy's lil mongrel
hawwww how did this happen thank you though
3 months ago

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