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Accelerator are you willing to sell your Kanzaki Ranko Figma to me? I am from Singapore.
6 years ago
AcceIerator8 years ago#3358844I knew i was missing something. I did the same for myanimelist with [yt]Fe7XDBtlQzg[/yt] but that was last year. I forgot that i needed to delete the watch?v= so i got lost XD

Yeah I kept doing that the first few times because I didn't pay enough attention XD
8 years ago
AcceIerator8 years ago#3347927Hello i want to ask how you post youtube videos on your profile. I tried the bbcode but it does not work is it for supporters only or am i doing something wrong?

So in between the [ video ][ /video ] (no spaces) you have to copy + paste the letters at the end of the video URL

So example: www.youtube.com...

Copy the last bit after the "=", not the whole link

[ video ]TKD03uPVD-Q[ /video ]
8 years ago
Hi, thanks for the FR accept ^_^
8 years ago
AcceIerator8 years ago#2838991I'm just paranoid to ship heavier stuff with SAL i don't mind the time it takes just worried about the safety of my parcel. I think i will try SAL parcel and see how it turns out.

No need to worry too much (・∀・) if the box is sturdy and it's padded well it should be fine. Good luck.
8 years ago
AcceIerator8 years ago#2838933This month my stuff is over 4kg O.O shipping is 5100 with EMS 4370 with SAL Parcel my stuff cost 27230 yen which one you think i should pick? never tried SAL Parcel only EMS for 2kg and above.

SAL parcel is still SAL. For that $8 difference, EMS will come faster than SAL parcel. Up to you, both are fine since it's not $400 yet o3o
8 years ago
hmm...do you collect everything Accelerator?

should I pronounce your name as accelerator or acce-ye-rator since that's an i/I, isn't it ( ・ิϖ・ิ)
8 years ago
AcceIerator9 years ago#2602992Postcard? Does this figma come with something else?

The postcard is a gimmick for you to order from a specific shop authorized by GSC I think.
Nevertheless, it is no biggie. It is just a small postcard with her on it. That's it. An extra accessory would have been better but unfortunately not :P
9 years ago
You're welcome :)AcceIerator9 years ago#2494798thanks for the link ^_^
9 years ago
AcceIerator9 years ago#2494354Thank you for telling me how to solve my figure problem :D
You're welcome, but tbh I'm not sure it will really work. It really depends on how bad that smell is. Good luck ;)
9 years ago




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