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Down sizing my current collection! If interested, DM me!
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sure thing, i wouldnt mind
1 month ago
mm yes yes indeed
1 month ago
suta_pura オラオラ♡ベイビー
Of course!! ^_^
1 month ago
suta_pura オラオラ♡ベイビー
It’s time!! Let’s go!! Cannot rest until I’ve got my purple boi. I sure wish they’d make a figure of OVA!Plat but we can dream lol
1 month ago
Thanks for letting me know, I don't tend to use Discord though : )
2 months ago
suta_pura オラオラ♡ベイビー
Same, friend... I have ITEM #1364332 from the first Stone Ocean Ichiban Kuji and yeah, she IS rough. I'm still gonna get the SP ones, no matter what they look like, but I really hope they look amazing!! Fingers crossed!! Still preordered all the other Stands Assemble figures I could because I absolutely have to have them. Stands are BAE, what can I say?
2 months ago
suta_pura オラオラ♡ベイビー
I’ve been pretty good! I’ve mostly been waiting for the new ichiban kuji to come out so I can get the Star Platinum figures. I hope they look nice!! ♥ ♥ ♥
2 months ago
suta_pura オラオラ♡ベイビー
Hope you're doing well~ <3
2 months ago
I bought some Nendoroid parts off of them and they arrived in great condition. I recommend this seller :)
3 months ago
Thank you! Yours is amazing too!
4 months ago


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