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R u selling the nekopara 1/4 BJDS? I’m really intrested in them, i’d be willing to euther negotiate or have u make a set price
4 months ago
TheBoobaMaster Witch Enthusiast
Interested in aqua I'm in UK
10 months ago
Are you still selling the Bombergirl Aqua?
Looking for her for a reasonable price.
10 months ago
Hey! I’m trying to get in touch for the Vanilla & Chocola 1/4s, I’ve messaged you a couple of times and I’m very keen on buying them off of you.

Let me know if you still want to sell :)
10 months ago
Hi could you pm me on discord at Tea#3511 with your budget and location:)
1 year ago
Hi! Would you still be looking for fetish boy mao?
1 year ago

I would have sent you a PM but your Inbox is Full I am sorry I haven't been on here until now I have been away for a while I am still interested in buying your kokuten Tae if she is still available for sale but I only have a budget of around £75 and at most £95 please PM me with the price
1 year ago
Your inbox is full. ;)

And sorry I needed to raise the price more to the Aftermarket price. If you are still interested just let me know.
1 year ago
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