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When we saw a detailed & gigantic 1/7 Jeanne Alter figure from ALTER at Y26,800 PO, Year 2018: Panik, & we roasted ALTER so hard in our comments
When we see a random 1/7 figure from a random manufacturer at >Y26,800 PO, Year 2022: Kalm (honorary mention goes to NTW-20 by Pony Canyon at Y30,580...seriously what even is this manufacturer?)
Oh dear sires, how far have we come?

(2022/12: finally got over my laziness to update my expanding collection... WIP until I hopefully finish updating soon...
2021/8 note to self... gotta update my collection section when I have free time)


Recent college graduate whose aspiration of working in Japan full-time got disrupted by COVID. Hence, now I'd probably call myself "Wall Street weaboo doesn't dream of Otemachi" lol (Otemachi is basically the Wall Street of Tokyo). You probably wouldn't recognize I'm a weeb when you run into me in the streets, but anime is arguably already a part of my life now...
(Side rant: figures are so darn expensive nowadays, I balk at the price tags... Fortunately I somehow manage to squeeze enough from my paycheck to pay for them...)

Below are figures I own that are not in the database:
View spoilerHide spoilerHobbymax - EVA - Asuka Langley (both versions)
Anigift - Original - Kaede (both colors)
Anigift - Original - Yuki
Arknights - Arknights - W (some suspect Myethos is manufacturer but unconfirmed)
APEX - Arknights - Blaze
APEX - Girls' Frontline - K2 (Before the Dawn Ver.)
APEX - Honkai Impact 3rd - Yae Sakura (China Dress Ver.)
ASS (Garage Kit) - Asuka Langley
Hobbymax - Girls' Frontline - HK416
Hobbymax - Girls' Frontline - Springfield
Hobbymax - Girls' Frontline - WA2000
Hobbymax - Girls' Frontline - Zas M21
Hobbymax - Girls' Frontline - Zas M21 (WonFes Shanghai 2020 Special Ver.)
Hobbymax - Honkai Impact 3rd - Yae Sakura (Shinensakimitama Ver.)
Myethos - A-Z: - A-Z(S)
Myethos - FairyTale Another - Alice
Myethos - FairyTale Another - Cheshire Cat
Myethos - FairyTale Another - Queen of Hearts
Myethos - Iron Saga - Judith
Myethos - Vocaloid - Stardust
Reverse Studio - Girls' Frontline - OTs-14

APEX - Genshin Impact - Keqing: Piercing Thunderbolt
Arknights - Arknights - Nian: Lexiaoyao ver.
(none at this point)


Please contact me if you're still in NY and still selling this Love Live! School Idol Festival - Ayase Eli - 1/7 (Alter)
19 days ago
It is still available, yes! Shoot me a PM!
1 month ago
Great seller with awesome communication and packaging, would buy from again! (I did in fact, buy from again)
3 months ago
Amazing seller, great communication, and understandable. Thanks for the scathach
3 months ago
Great buyer with great communication, very responsive and helpful. Glad to do business with you!
5 months ago
amazing buyer! replied fast and purchased right away! I would gladly do business with Krupper again! I would highly recommend selling to this person!
5 months ago
Hi sorry ive been so busy lately and moved to a different province! Unfortunately all my figure sales will be on hold for a long while! Hope you are able to find one at a good price! Sorry again.
1 year ago
Recently bought 2014 racing miku from this seller! Super fast and nice responses, detailed pictures, and quick shipping. Thanks so much!
2 years ago
Trustworthy buyer! Payment was fast and communication was great! Would gladly do business with again in a heart beat!
I’m glad that Fairy Asuna went to a good home!
3 years ago
Nice collection! :O
5 years ago


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