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*Disclaimer: I am satisfied with most changes on MFC except for few, particularly the removal of some tags and the addition of the so-called filters.*

This is a comment I noticed on a user's profile, and I agree with it a lot.
ReadIt's 'serving the community' to remove controversial topics until it's something you personally like
It's 'protecting the community' to prosecute controversial people until it's someone you personally know
First they come for us, then they come for you

Regarding the loli controversy, here is my personal opinion, and you don't feel like reading it you can choose not to.
View spoilerHide spoilerMany, many anime figures and merches contain sexualised content. And believe it or not - Hatsune Miku or even Madoka are being sexualised. Why?
Simply take a look at the length of their skirts. Mostly you won't see underage girls wearing such a super short miniskirt. I won't say there aren't people wearing them, but in reality, 90% of the girls are not wearing skirts in such length.
But does it mean buying their merches or simply interested in the character means that I support child pornography?

Here are some questions for you:
Do you do volunteering in real life? Do you reach out to people in need? If you say yes but not that often, do you think that alerting entries containing FICTIONAL CHARACTERS could make the world better, that you have successfully made children who are in need get saved in real life?

When you tell your friends "I stop child pornography!" And they ask "how?" You reply that "oh someone posted a pic/added a figure entry with naked anime lolis and I successfully made it disappear", do you think this really helps stopping child pornography in real life?
Frankly, I don't see how pointing out a plastic being underage or some goods, daikimakura etc being underage make the world a better place and could really save those desperate children in need.
If you wish to help children, or perhaps humans in general, start by helping your neighbours first. Ask them if they need any help. Then be a volunteer when you are free.
With all of the time spent raging on some FICTIONAL girls or boys being too young ONLINE, those time spent could actually be used to help some REAL humans in REAL LIFE.

I could see someone saying, "Of course, you are a pervert. I see your character; you are supporting child pornography and that's why you are defending those people." And sadly, I guess you'll need to find others to burn on. I despise children in real life. Been forced to teach several children and it is such a disaster. No. A catastrophe. Saw some boys picking nose and eating the boogers. Then stuck the boogers onto others' clothes. Crying in the midst of class for no reason. Screaming and rolling on the ground just to get what they wanted. Running around and causing trouble even though they knew they should not be doing so. Etc etc. My ears hurt. My eyes hurt. My body was hurt, my heart was hurt. At those moments, I just wished I could explode and die instantly.
I will let myself stop recalling those horrible memories here.

I like anime lolis/shota, but in real life? Ha. Just kill me bro. Falling in love with children is the worst torture I would've ever had. Children have wrecked my mental health to the point where I do not want to have children in the future. Even laying a finger on them could cause emotional damage on me.

Tldr: Learn to respect others' hobbies and collections. If you don't like them, ignore them. And don't just hate on them because they hold different opinions. THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU.



Ignore that doubled message. MFC acting up
15 days ago
Loria3 months ago#121357361I can't wait to see how much people will be dumbfounded by their younger selves 10-20 years later. Whenever I think of their faces, it is just so... So enjoyable. Ah. Delicious.This is like laying in bed at 1am and remembering some cringe event from your childhood in school when you messed up speaking infront of the class. (This definetly couldn't be me)
15 days ago
Let's pray for a better future on MFC and less antis crawling out of their Twitter caves.
15 days ago
Lmfao. Dreamed last night that my profile was reported (along with many others') because "it contains personal life moments which may lead to a leak of privacy" View spoilerHide spoiler(plus as a VIB I shouldn't state my opinion publicly). I got seriously pissed off and there was a heated debate in the alert.
Truly a wtf dream.
Wish it won't happen in the future as my dream of MFC having updates in 2023 has come true.
20 days ago
Thanks Loria! Your collection is awesome and I love the vibe you give here at mfc!♡
1 month ago
I hate MFC'S recent layout changes. A LOT. Prefer the original design more.
Especially the round thumbnail.
And the edit item page is just...nope.
For my profile... Should I unlike some entries to make it less cluttered? But I love them...
1 month ago
Thanks! I used to have a pretty big Shinobu collection in here too. Pretty empty now unfortunately
2 months ago
I don't even collect NSFW Loli/shota content. But I agree different groups have troubles respecting their own boundaries these days. Sadly, this site is becoming social media mentality. Then there's the age gap problem.

I don't ever want to quit this community. I met many great people on here. However, things are getting out of hand. A few people are already putting me on their shit-list. It makes me want to curl up and hide for a while.

Sorry for the random vent.
2 months ago
The issues isnt law, this website has been around for over a decade and had minimal issues before. The problem is the people who dont know or understand the culture. Only now that Anime is in the spot light, has this been a problem. They even gave them the option of SFW and NSFW and that wasn't good enough. You cant please these groups so MFC shouldn't try to. Im thankful you commented, we need more people to voice their opion in favor of keeping this website a live in its proper form.
2 months ago
I can't wait to see how much people will be dumbfounded by their younger selves 10-20 years later. Whenever I think of their faces, it is just so... So enjoyable. Ah. Delicious.
3 months ago

Impulsive buying?

Here are three suggestions for you to tackle the problem:
1. Set the budget. E.g. You earn $5000 this month. Set the budget to $1000 for all expenses, and spend no more than $250 for the anime stuff.
2. 72-hour rule. If you fall in love with a figure and you have a huge urge to buy it, calm down and wait for 3 days. Don't buy it if you find yourself losing interest in it.
3. Don't rush and buy whenever there is a sale. Ppl spend more money than usual, having the thought of "Ah, I have earned a lot even though my wallet-kun is dead". No. Stop it. Get some help. Save your wallet-kun --- You don't really earn anything, but instead you will regret for wasting your money buying things that you don't like.

P.S. Of coz, you can set the budget and time freely with your will. E.g. I use 7-day and even 30-day rule, which allows me not being regretted for buying the figures/merches. That's why I don't have a large figure collection.

Hope it helps!




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秋の同人祭 2022
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