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Fate/Grand Order - Edmond Dantès - Nendoroid  (#1158) - Avenger, King of the Cavern (Orange Rouge)Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Natsume Kokoro - F:Nex - 1/7 (FuRyu)


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Jr Ootengu by Myethos
Fay D Flourite clay figure
Chibi Cthulhu-chan by Fengrong
Onikiri by Luminous Box
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Illumi Zoldyck by Hunter Fan Studio
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Howl's Moving Castle poster by Takumi
2022 calendar by TheBrushKing
Omori Dangling keychains by Omocat
OuiOui Series 1 by Itemlabel
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Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
I'm so glad he made it home safely!! Pleasure doing business with you ( *´꒳`*)♡
3 months ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Hi! Just thought to let you know I have checked from my end again and it looks like the package was released from customs on Monday and is available for collection or redelivery from today :D
3 months ago

Check this out. Hope it will be a scale one day..

Wait it is! But not shure if it is pvc
8 months ago
I can't message you back your inbox is full! ;-;
8 months ago
Thank you to you too ^^
8 months ago
Aaaah such coincidence :o He looks gooood. Probably more worth your money than the Altair one, hehe. But Altair makes the best male faces so yeah..
9 months ago
yeahhh that's true sadly! If, I would actually buy Merlin, Vortigern, Ozy and Gil, Juna,karna, Bedi and Tristan if they do make them in a nice way. Esspeacialy Vortigern beacuse naked faeries fit in my art room haha. (and Merlin too)

(and I personly hope they also do something with the Aen Elle elfs from The Witcher books heheh)

They are making a kamisama kiss Tomoe tho! Loved that series!
9 months ago
Loooks goood! He would look so so good next to proto boii :33

Do you think FGO boys will get the resin dick treatment in the future too?
9 months ago
It's a senegalgalago, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH! Thank you for thinking about me when you saw that cute little thing! <3

I actually have multiple of their kits on my wishlist next time I buy from Booth, like this way too adorable bun-bun in jammies ITEM #1338072 . I think I will nab this galago then as well, maybe I can alter it a bit to make it more like a lemur? :3c
9 months ago
Omg, awesome - so impressed/proud you went ahead and painted your first ever garage kit!! Congrats on completing it; it’s nicely done too!

Thanks for sharing the Lucoa figure announcement as well. As you can probably tell by my super late reply I’ve not been very active on MFC lately and haven’t been keeping up with figure news. Which saddens me a bit, but one day I will catch up! If that’s even possible - seems like there are SO many figures coming out these days. About that Lucoa… in the artwork her hands look a bit funky, lol. I’m confident they’ll make them look normal in the figure, though.

Since it’s been a while, how are you? Apart from the GK milestone, have you obtained any grails lately? Or are there any particular figure announcements that have got you excited?
9 months ago

The actual about

Hi :3

I started collecting figures in 2020. I wanted to make my surroundings more interesting since I have an illness that keeps me at home a lot of the time. I collect slowly, partly to avoid impulse purchases, partly for financial reasons and partly because that's just how I like it. I also collect plushies and goods sometimes.

I love Fate and Merlin is my favourite character of all time. I aim to make a small shrine for him.

The actual about (part 2)

Various artists I like:
-Watanabe Akio
-Gustav Klimt
-Sven Nordqvist

Shotas are my weakness, I like everything with shotas in it ///u__u///

I'm always open to chat with PMs :)


Everything I'm selling is in this list, if it's not there it's not for sale!

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