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Yo. I was never good at introductions but here we go. I'm Miximinion, you can call me Mixi.

I'm a weeb just like everyone here, I like basically al genres, though my favourites are comedy, romance and slice of life. I also love seiyuus and idols, and I'm interested in the industry of japanese media in general.

Some of my favourite animes are Monogatari, Konosuba, Madoka Magica, 3gatsu no Lion and Love Live. My top waifus are Senjougahara, Megumin and Nino.You can probably tell from my collection (though I don't update it often) but I like tsunderes, tomboys, short hair and the color purple.

I don't plan on selling any figures in the foreseeable future, nor do I trade, but if you're selling a figure you think I'd be interested in feel free to tell me. I don't usually have much money to spare though, so it'd be nice if it's cheap.


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Genshin and Overwatch on a regular basis, Nier:Automata as a favourite
JPop, JRock and Idols, but can listen to mostly anything
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Nakano Nino
中野 二乃


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