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denpagirl otaku keyboard warrior
your curated list always takes me back to 2013-2014 era of my life, which was a very nostalgic one and is the reason behind a lot of my current tastes. not only that, but i think it is a very beautiful collection of goods. thank you very much. i have visited your profile so many times over the years. =)
5 months ago
Happy birthday old friend!
1 year ago
Another year! Happy birthday!!
2 years ago
4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Also wishing you a happy birthday!!! (^.^)
3 years ago
OhnoIt'sYourBirthday! Hope it's awesome!
3 years ago
Happy belated! Hope you're good!
4 years ago
Happy belated; hope it was good!
5 years ago
Thank you for being a moderator.
5 years ago
I follow your blog on tumblr! Thank you so much for all the updates!! ♡
6 years ago
Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
Happy Birthday!!!
6 years ago