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Whenever I get a new figure, I'm just like:

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I like various anime (that's a given), archery, driving, music and figure collecting.

I started collecting again on a consistent basis two years ago (in the summer of 2010) I had been off and on for years, but never took a legitimate crack at it until 2010. I love figures of all types, ranging from small capsule gashapon to regular sized figures (ex: Nendoroids, DX Prize figures etc) to larger scaled figures and even statues (which I'm beginning to work on). I have no problem dipping my hand into scaled PVC figures, which I've also come to be pretty fond of as of late (I expect to be acquiring a lot more items from companies like Good Smile, Max Factory, Alter, etc. And even a few premium format statues from independent venues). I used to be all about collecting doubles (and sometimes more) of a particular figure if I loved it, but have now come to reserve that inclination for multiple purchases only for figures that truly resonate with my preferences and interests. Although I'm a huge fan of static figures, gashapon, trading figures and statues; I'm looking to get some more articulated figures as well. Branching out into lines like Figma and some Play Arts Kai.
I can also never say no to a good mini figure.

I don't collect from a certain genre or series in particular, rather I choose to collect what piques my interest. You'll find I collect from various lines and series that I like. I tend to collect for favourites, not to complete entire lines of figures (except in some instances where the entire line is either really appealing to me or actually obtainable).

As to why I do it, I guess you could say it's to have physical representations of the memories tied in and associated with each figure. Connections that can be traced back to events that transpired in real life while I retained said figure, or events within the anime that I was really fond of. They also allow for a physical manifestation representative of favourite characters that I really liked. It invokes a sense of nostalgia within me, and also acts as a catalyst to past memories that I deem important and treasure. Nostalgia is a big collecting factor for me, but figure specifics are just as much a factor as well. How well the figure represents the character and translates into 3D, how sturdy the joints are, how accurate the sculpt is, how accurate the paint application is... these are criteria I mentally list and run through as I observe a figure prior to collecting it. Each figure is important, has it's own story, and it's own personal meaning to me. Some more than others, but even so I love each piece separately and my collection as a whole.

My first 3500+ images (barring online photos) were taken with an Iphone 3G.

Picture wise you can always expect shots of all sides of the box of the figure or packaging, plus all sides of the figure itself. If I want to go more in-depth I'll link it with other figures or take more shots of said figure

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