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Hi All,

Welcome to my profile.

Collecting was for a long time my focus, until I reached a certain point where I obtained my grail.
I lost some of my passion two years ago for collecting figures without losing interest in what I have.
I found back that spark in YuGiOh, BJD’s and Bleach. That will be my main focus for collecting.

After starting to get into BJD's I discovered an interest in making 1/3 scaled items. I did made some dioramas in 1/12 scale but always hit a block. With 1/3 scale I don’t have that block.

My current project is a scaled horse drawn carriage in 1/3 scale. Started in august 2021. Hit a block again but it is (now 2023) stil in progress.

You will see me around mostly around BJD related content and DIY content.
My personality can be described as INFJ.
Well that's my bio for now.
See you around.



Note: I see lately a lot of DNI type of text added to profiles. Also the increase of younger collectors. Let me be clear about this topic: I will treat every person on MFC equal, doesn’t matter the age or what a person collects. As long as they don’t hurt any other person or criminal activities have been involved it’s fine by me.
In short: I negate every DNI setting someone puts on their profile. I want to be judged based on my behaviour towards others and not based on my interests or for a certain figure/item I own. We are a community and under no circumstances I think someone should be excluded. Thank you for understanding.
I am also not a big fan of witch hunting. People who decides what someone can and cannot collect. We collect fictional material what doesn’t reflect the real life. If you want to play the hero help the people in need around you. Works a lot better than trying to save the world from figures or characters you don’t like.

Current frustration:



Jr. Logistic Engineer
Duel links, Pokemon games

Non MFC database


About using my photo's

Due the fact that some of my pictures have been abused to scam people this section in my profile is sadly needed.

I don't have a problem with reposts of my photo's by others. That is were Creative Commons licence for stands.

What I absolutely NOT allow is using my photo's for saleposts, scams, promotions or any other type of fraud and way to generate income. This is also against the Creative Commons rules which I accepted by uploading my photo’s here.

I respect the copyright of photo's made by others, I expect from you all the same.

Please inform me if you discover photo's made by me that does not follow the creative commons rules.
When I sell something I won't use old photo's. I also rarily put something for sale. If you see something for sale with my photo's and I don't have an ad here for it, it is 100% sure the seller is a scammer.

Thank you for your understanding.