Collected Briefly From March 25th, 2016 - August, 2016
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I had a short journey collecting from March 2016 to August 2016. My initial passion and adrenaline for this hobby had subsided, and I have gone back to my original roots of collecting model cars, such as Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and scale die-cast models.

Even though I am selling most of my figures away, I am keeping this page with all the figures I had at one point as a reminder of the purchases I made during this short-lived hobby. Thanks for visiting!

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WA4EVER7 years ago#13785418Hello there! I added you because I saw you on reddit, and thought I would add a fellow redditor from /r/animefigures. Thanks for stopping by! I hope it gets painted too. I purely like how it looks. I have never even played or watched KanColle. It and Yamato are probably the only ones I would ever pick up from the series if I chose to. I just like how the figures looks snow-sthetically.

Ah, I see. I figured as much. I got into KanColle solely due to having a friend who'd share art from the series, which dragged me in to eventually watch the anime, buy the game, and several figures. Can't help it when the character designs are pretty good. I have to admit the amount of KanColle figures I have is disproportionate to how much I actually like the series.
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Hi! You sent me a friend request. Don't know why, you gave no reason,but I accepted anyway which is odd for me to do anywhere. So I figured I'd stop by, drop a message... or something.


I noticed you have that Haruna prototype in your wishlist. As do I. Hopefully we see a painted version of it soon... Granted now that the Summer Wonder Festival has come and gone, I'm not holding my breath.
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WA4EVER7 years ago#13563998Sorry for the late notice, but happy belated birthday, DK!Thanks!
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Hey there, thanks for the friend request. Cool recent collection you have there.
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Thanks for the FR
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