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Welcome to my Profile!

Welcome to my selling profile! Everything in my collection is for sale, please feel free to scour my massive selection of thousands of various anime figures and items. I specialize in obscure trading figures and lottery items, but I get a little of everything including scale figures and on rare occasion garage kits.

If you see anything you want, please send me a message with links to each item you're interested in! I always try pricing a bit under the going rates for items on sites like eBay, and my deals get better the more items you're bundling together at once. All transactions are done via PayPal, I do next-day shipping excluding weekends and will provide tracking at the time of purchasing the shipping label. I'll always get back to you ASAP with prices, but sometimes replies can be delayed a few days if I'm slogged with other work-related tasks.


When did I start collecting?
I started seriously collecting and selling anime goods around the start of 2020, pretty much on a whim. I saw a few lots of random anime figures listed on auction and decided to bid for them. I kept the bits I wanted and sold off what I didn't personally collect. Since then I've fallen in love with the process of receiving, identifying, and selling figures all while increasing the size of my personal collection.

Where do I get my stuff?
A fast majority of my inventory comes imported to me directly from Japan, from a few individuals who keep me supplied at bulk rates. Mostly pre-owned and often obscure trading figures that I spend hours identifying, and eventually picturing and uploading for sale on eBay. Some of my high-end figures come from local sources, such as collectables shops or even on occasion arcades.

Where do I sell?
I sell primarily on eBay, though offer better rates to collectors on this website since I avoid eBay fees selling directly. Items I receive from Japan are normally first added here to my collection and sale pages, then listed on eBay a later date once I get around to picturing and listing them.

What do I collect?
One Piece, Trigun, and Death Note primarily. I also collect My Hero Academia, Re:Zero, and Monster Hunter but not to the same extent (I'll keep items I get/find from those series, but don't actively hunt for them). My girlfriend is an avid collector of Pokémon and Genshin Impact, so our joint collection is quite diverse! I'm not picky, I love low-quality trading figures as much as scale pre-painted figures, so long as it's officially licensed!
I also collect obscure figures for indie games such as Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Castle Crashers, etc.


hello! just sent you a pm on here but just making sure. is ITEM #135513 still for sale?
12 days ago
Oh my gosh I'm so sorry for the very late reply; I'm not used to using MyFigureCollection as a platform but you were not blocked, I had PMs set to friends only! Thank you for verifying, I was just wondering since I've purchased from you on eBay before :D
24 days ago
Sent a PM about an item you have (I think?).

Bought it elsewhere, seller never got back to me.
2 months ago
magical_giirl ✩ dreamie girl ˚☽˚。⋆
hi! how much for ITEM #1253071 , ITEM #1386354 and ITEM #1386309 ?
2 months ago
Hi, can I contact you outside mfc? Please let me know
3 months ago
Hey i sent you a message and want to make sure that you got it. sorry for the inconvenience!
3 months ago
Hey! i sent a message a little while ago, just wanted to make sure you got it.
Whenever you get the chance, no worries!
4 months ago
slicedbread the Magic Seeker
Phenomenal seller with excellent communication and a truly mind boggling attention to detail in their business and dealings.

It's not a matter of if, but WHEN I will buy from them again.
5 months ago
Hey man i dont think i can message you because i dont see the button could you DM me i want to ask about naruto iruka megahouse. Thank you
6 months ago
Hi I sent a pm! I’ve never bought from someone on MFC before so I’m not sure if I included all the details you need. Please let me know! ^^
6 months ago


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Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, Death Note, Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai, The Promised Neverland, Made in Abyss, Re:zero, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Reincarnated as a Slime, Shield Hero, etc.
Hollow Knight, Binding of Issac, Night in the Woods, Nuclear Throne, Celeste, Super Meat Boy, Dark Souls, Cuphead, +100 Others
The Dear Hunter, Bear Ghost, Saint Motel, Video Game Soundtracks



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