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ooo okay okay i see! thank you anyways!
1 day ago
Heyhey, could you set ITEM #1809625 and the other characters entries to this classification ENTRY #115707 ?
Thank you!
1 day ago
Whoops thanks for the catch

I still want that Levi... ._.
4 days ago
ye, segaplaza.jp/pr... paypayfleamarke...(its bitsy little string hook on top)
Edit: misread and thought you were asking ab the mini plushes in general and not just the Baji which I apparently forgot to fix months ago
11 days ago
Yes of course! Sorry about not making it a draft to start with :)
13 days ago
Hmmmm...this is starting to drive me crazy..
17 days ago
Hi! Could you update the cats ENTRY #229922, please? :) The set will be rereleased in October 2023, the price increased to 770 yen with tax
21 days ago
kakusei 五伏
22 days ago
Hello! Your inbox is full, just wanted to let you know i found the Jan code of this series: ENTRY #192676

if you can add it that'd be awesome :) the code is: 4589675712068

Thanks and sorry for bothering!
25 days ago
No worries! I really appreciate that you added the entries though! That’s literally the only way I found out about the plush releases ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
1 month ago