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BlakaSmoko dykonic and biconic
No worries! I just finished correcting this detail and added it to the rest of the entries for those items. Thanks for letting me know! :)
1 hour ago
Oh, I don't know how I could forget about that. It's really the best thing added so far that wasn't outright asked for by another user beforehand (that award goes to the apply all release function being broadened).
3 days ago
Yea, I don't understand why a lot of the UI changes recently have been largely unhelpful (making text smaller??) and just unnecessary. It's kind of like they're changing things just to say they are but nothings actually getting better. I mean.. do you even use the crop main picture function? Does anyone??
3 days ago
kakusei 五伏
Hi! This ITEM #2086073 is a Paper Knife, rather than a Paperweight.
4 days ago
Ah sorry, I should have chosen a better word but I was still half asleep when I saw your comment and it's the first word that came to mind XD
15 days ago
Oops it's my bad, thanks for warning me and sorry!
15 days ago
Looks like I overlooked it :D Fixed! Thank you!
16 days ago
why didn't I think of that
17 days ago
I'm crying because I saw that exact one you're referring to yesterday and went "welp..". And then sometimes its some random anime screen cap (the Naruto character entries are the death of me)
17 days ago
Hi! I added the illustrator to all relevant entries. Thanks so much for letting me know, I always like to credit the artist if they are known. ^^
23 days ago