I know you aren't OP. But I felt bad when I made that "fire poop bag" joke to OP's boyfriend. Should I DM them about it? Or is editing my comment fine enough?

Yeah I know. I am overthinking this haha.

Context: It's the Sanrio article.
3 months ago
Yup, though I only did it for a year or so. That's one of the ways I learned Japanese. :)
4 years ago
Didn't realised I added this much! xD
4 years ago
One Singaporean collector to another, I was referring to the capital punishment when I mentioned strict customs laws lol
5 years ago
hikaridranz5 years ago#30894831-rolls by-
clear files are awesome to collect (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
are you collecting by illustration or series, or are you trying to collect as many as you can?

Hello! Glad that you like clear files too! I usually buy one per series if I like it to show support, and more if I like the characters. If I don't enjoy the series, I will not buy it, unless I like the characters.
5 years ago
Excuse me, but does the Patriot from the Medicom Boss figure fit in the hand of Revoltech Big boss or figma snake?
5 years ago
hikaridranz6 years ago#22386702awesome :D which one did you get? are you going to dedicate it to 1 character or are you going to just decorate it with as many goods as you can
I got black from ebay it's cost is not bad... I will do for Kamui fever~ <3
6 years ago
Hello~ [I know we not friend on here.. xD; orz] I wanted to tell you I have my new first ita bag backpack come in mail yay! XD I not have it yet I just wait for this mail coming. XD
6 years ago
Thank you for help! XD I not remember if I told this comment so long times ago..but your collection is still neat! XD
6 years ago
hikaridranz6 years ago#19355570your profile background is cute and your photos are always so vibrant and lively *A*

Thank you so much!! //w//
6 years ago