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One of my favorite sites, I really appreciate the free shipping, selection, and willing to take requests for items. :D
9 months ago
i love them<3
2 years ago
Horrible! Their usual practices involve silencing, hiding, removing negative reviews.
I was a long time customer for over 3 years. At first I was happy, there were no issues and I believed they were a great place for getting some figures. However all it took was daring to speak of one negative exprience to have them block me from ever purchasing again.
What was that issue you ask? Something totally out of my control...
During the covid-19 THEY canceled one of my expensive orders (claiming out of stock) and I lost some money on paypal due to conversion fees since they refunded in JPY. I posted a respectful comment about this negative experience on twitter, hopping for a resolution on their part or apology, however since then, they cancel all my payments and decline to let me buy anything.
After contacting them about this, all they reply with anymore is : "We cannot sell items"
I have NEVER been treated this badly by any company, disrespected more and felt so cheated despite always being honest with them.
At the first sign of trouble they will bail, blame the fault on you and ban you for daring to voice your experience and making a negative experience known. They will proceed to remove any negative reviews on their site while keeping the positive ones.
Dishonest and shady, NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL unless you want to be treated like garbage.
I am still baffled by this event, but I felt like making this issue known since I am being silenced by them.
2 years ago
One of my all time favorite sites :)
3 years ago
Hi there~
I just received my very first order I placed at your website and I am so happy with the goods! And thank you so much for the wonderful gift! ♡♡♡
Will definitely order again sometime.
3 years ago
Petitssk Eastern Library
Thank you very much for the pleasant exchange the other day.
6 years ago
otakurepublic8 years ago#3003345Hello,
Thank you for your message!
We list your questioned item on OtakuRepublic!
Please check it!

I thank you for finding this so quickly. I placed my order and it said in stock so how fast does your company usually ship out items. This is my first time using your serviced. To bad the scroll was not $ dollars more I could have gotten insurance and tracking number. and free shipping. Oh well I am supper excited that you had this in stock and ready to ship.


= )

8 years ago
I have been trying to track down this B2 wall scroll and since I cant seem to find it anywhere I thought I would give you a shout to see if you had better luck then me as you are in Japan. Where is the item link on MFC
ITEM #200690

Domo arigatou gozaimasu

= )

Tia desu
8 years ago
Otaku Republic is the largest anime shop with over 100,000 products.
World wide shipping for FREE in 100% excellent condition guaranteed!!
Visit our site -> otakurepublic.c...
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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