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Have way too many figures and no space. (ó﹏ò。) ... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ... ┐( ˘_˘)┌

Fun Fact: Have never sold a figure of my collection (so far).

Figure goal: One day making a figure review video. (looks like fun)

And one day...actually finishing a Garage Kit. (looks so difficult)

Biggest figure wish: More male figures (of the bishounen/sexy + adult male kind) ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

Favourite Proxies: REMAMBO >>> Feel free to use my referral link for a 1000Yen off shipping on your first order!


Display of choice: Detolf

Non-MFC figures & statues

Non-MFC figures & statues - Owned
* Pink Pink Studio - Cloud Strife 1/4 [Resin statue]
* Ghost Studio - Sesshoumaru 1/6 [Resin statue]
* E2040 - Motoko Kusanagi (20230810 received)

Non-MFC figures - Pre-ordered
* N/A

Non-MFC figures - Wished
* N/A




The Lamp from the Hu Tao Ghost :)
4 months ago
OOOMMMGG I am so SO SORRY For the embarrassingly late reply! Work has been a bitch, and whatever free time I had after I tried to pump out another video BUT YOUR MESSAGE Really boosted up my mood after an unrelenting work week <3

DDDAAAAAWW Thank you for the warm welcome into the black and dark abyss. That is MDZS ! I feel at home. ^_^

OOOOOH You’re getting me hyped to watch the untamed! And to answer your later question, no… I have yet to watch it! Awful, I know! TT3TT but I have seen gifs online as well as plenty of still images… I couldn’t agree more the casting looks superb, and it surely helps that the boys are plenty pretty hehehe

When my schedule is a little bit calmer I plan to watch it… Which will hopefully be very soon! But as soon as I do, I will definitely let you know my thoughts and emotions…….. because I’m sure I will have PLENTY OF EMOTIONS

AAAAHHH THE DX NENDOROIDS ARE AMMAAAAZING! I keep going back-and-forth if I want them or not… Because truly, nendoroids really frustrate me… But once I saw that WWX DX Version comes with a little apple… And that LWJ can hold the reins…MIND-BLOWING! They look so cute, I’m really happy that you were able to finally have them! ^^

And Financial misery loves company! No regrets! Get the art book!

I have yet to purchase from the shop, but I plan to very soon! They have the art book for around $17? Although I’m not sure about shipping but hopefully it’s cheaper than the $40 I spent on Amazon.


Also, BTW, you should totally get the childhood figures! I’ve seen them tank in price… But even though I didn’t plan to get them, I’m very happy to have them in my collection! What’s better than cute little feetsies and bunnies?!

Always happy to connect with another MDCS fan, especially ones that stand WWX as well lol! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to write me such a lovely comment! I hope you’ve been well and I look forward to your reply!
4 months ago
Aaaww thank you! ^_^
9 months ago

Uggghh initially my week and weekend were shit, but your sweet words definitely lifted up my mood, what a great way to start the upcoming week!

OMmGGG I am so damn happy that the video is useful to you! Initially… I thought about just not posting it because I didn’t think it would be valuable to anybody, so it means a lot <3

But YESSSSSSSS eStream Gojo is such a delight! I’ve had him for a couple months, and I still stop in my tracks… In my own room no less, to just stare and appreciate his beauty! The delicate shading, the beautiful glossy eyes, gorgeous hair sculpt and pretty dinosaur teeth… UGH Just perfection !!!

And god bless you for enduring all that cringe ! I can’t stand myself, but I’m so happy that you enjoy my Contant! That’s such a huge compliment, and I truly appreciate the words of encouragement! I am a slow uploader but I’ll carry on the work <3

But holy shit……….YOUR COLLECTION! Over 200 figures?! my friend… You are the figure king! Oh man, I had so much fun browsing through your collection! I love the variety, and I got so excited by how many pieces we have in common! Love all the Haikyuu, Kaworu from EVA …….and……..THE CODE GEASS CLAMP FIGURES FROM MEGAHOUSE?!?! I audibly screamed! You have impeccably refined tastes!

P.S.S Yeah… I can’t believe I also spent $600 on little man plastic… But only for those two! Anything for my boys!
1 year ago
thank you for your lovely comment and for watching my videos! :D
At one hand I'm happy that I could help and inspire you to get them, on the other hand: I'm sorry that I made you buy such an expensive item! °((>o<))°
I hope they will arrive soon and I know you will like them because they are amazing!! ;D
So thank you again for your support and have a lovely day :DD
1 year ago
Hi! I'm so happy he arrived quite fast!♡ I'm glad he has a good home. (´ ω `♡)
1 year ago
Aaaa clearing it rn! :D
1 year ago
rozelle Bungo Stray Dogs ♡
That's a long time!! Time truly pass by so quick (๑-﹏-๑) I've only been collecting for 6 years but I still feel like that's a while ago HAHAHAH. the inflation has really spiked so much since.. When I had no job and couldn't buy figures yet, I see the prices were not so bad compared to these days. them inflation ugh. You must have had the best deals!! so jelly :P it must be so breathtaking to see in person!

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE DAYUMMM. So worth it for you!! HAHAHA with the way my shelves are right now, I might as well put them on a floor if I get a 1/4. I need real custom stable ones and not my ikea xD.

I truly agree with you! I usually only buy PVC for its good prices but resin is such high quality! I love them so much :D It was a rabbit hole for me LOL especially with how intricate the bases are and the way certain studios capture characters perfectly!

Shipping and tax hurts so much right now for me too ^^; I miss it when we had more cheaper options. DHL and fedex nowadays tax me $20 or more for every order more than $50 hurtsss.

Omg I know! Have you seen figma prices too >.< like wow I'd legit have to sell a kidney now to even afford nendoroid sets ROFL

I know.. square enix figures are nor the best especially since you got that Cloud resin grail ;D I really hope you get Tifa, Aerith, and Zack!!

Ghost in the shell! I hope it gets beautiful figures as well ;u; deserved!

I think I'm just looking out on the recently announced licensed resin for Naruto Uzumaki! ITEM #1537207 Other than that I'm going to have to think about the announcements this coming figure event on the 28th! pray for our wallets HAHAHAHA. I think I might once I get more space in the future :3 AND like you said, sturdy display shelves!! I only got 2 hanging shelves, 1 billy bookcase with glasscase, one 8 cube display, and 1 display case! You can imagine how hard it is to manage with books to keep in mind too LOL. How about you? How do you display everything? I need to learn :3
1 year ago
rozelle Bungo Stray Dogs ♡
you're welcome! It must be paradise seeing your collection :3

DAYUMMM YOU GOT A 62 CM CLOUD!! I'm happy for you! He truly does look perfect and I bet even more in person (☆ω☆*)I only have 1/6 and incoming 1/7 resins! I wouldn't know where to put 1/4 ;u; (I only have sitting ones and they are already feeling massive to me HAHAHA)

omg yes I truly did went straight to the rabbit hole myself omg. Sadly PVC prices are starting to hike just like resins recently ;o; but I'm relieved we still got the option to buy our favourites for a better price to join the collection! Which characters are you on the lookout for after Cloud or just in general? :3
1 year ago
rozelle Bungo Stray Dogs ♡
Hi!! I feel like I might clog the article on the one we participated in but I have the need to say I love your collections so much! \o/ I wish I had the self control to only own one resin LMAO. Which one did you get recently? :D

(I hope you don't mind me sending a fr too ^^ I want to see how you will grow your collections and if you ever upload more photos of them \o/). Have an awesome one :3
1 year ago


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