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Hi, welcome to my page. Japan is one of my favorite places to visit in the world. I love the food, the culture, the people, and of course the figures!

Looking to make friends here to share common interests. Feel free to PM or comment anytime!

Taken in Japan


- Sunset at the subway station


- Akihabara


- Fatty Tuna is so delicious


- Best sushi i have ever ate at the fish market


Thank you!! (This is an uber late reply...sorry. I don't check msgs on MFC ^^;)

twistofate8 years ago#3540508Hi, i love your reviews on youtube. They are always entertaining and funny!
7 years ago
twistofate7 years ago#4766799Hi, i just saw your youtube channel and it brought me here! Love your videos!
thanks for your support!! much appreciated :)
7 years ago
You have a really nice collection.

I've recently ordered Sena Monster Hunter ver., is it nice?
8 years ago
twistofate8 years ago#3540508Hi, i love your reviews on youtube. They are always entertaining and funny! Thank You!! :D
8 years ago
twistofate8 years ago#3417481Hi, i am a fan of your videos! Can't wait to see more!Thanks! :D
8 years ago
Alchemeister Iced Over
Thanks for the FR
I see that you like sushi.
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8 years ago
twistofate8 years ago#3508800Thanks for the FR add and your blog is very cool. Your journey sounds very interesting. Well enjoy your stay in Japan and if you ever visit Osaka, there's a mini Akihabara there as well.

Will do! I am going to Osaka possibly in December, there is a trip every month somewhere new!
8 years ago
twistofate8 years ago#3458573Ooh you should really blog on how to fix any pegs. I have only 1 broken peg so far (Knock on wood) but i broke one of my PVC's hair which i had to superglue. However, i can never get it outta my head that it was damaged so i went and bought a new one. Not learning my lesson, i messed with the new figure's clothes and it got damaged.....eh. Most recently i lost a peg trying to put together a figure. It's somewhere in the room, i guess it's safe to say i should not mess around with figures anymore. My collection is pretty much being used to play tetris with as i leave them in boxes and stack them high. LOL

The theory I use is pretty much the same used on Nendoroid joints. Sometimes it's pretty shitty because it's not as sturdy as the previous peg or I just have to do a new peg from the stratch with another material (usually epoxy paste, which is way more durable). I might do a blog someday but I am incredibly lazy about taking pictures.
I store my boxes inside of a basement in my mother-in-law's place, which leads to me being mad sometimes because I forget taking some extra piece from the figure and left it there. I play Tetris enough with all my belongings since the apartment I live is an apartment for ants. lol
8 years ago
twistofate8 years ago#3458564Didn't want to hi-jack that blog =)
Thanks for the bath info for figures. I have never cleaned it with anything other than water. I smoke socially so i'm not paranoid of smoke but that box was just filthy. I wish i have a before and after pic.

I am really paranoid about any damage in my figures, yet I am the master of broken pegs. Days ago I picked ITEM #11551 from my shelf to admire and then dang I broke her peg. Granted, after many failed attempts of fixing the pegs I pretty much mastered fixing broken pegs. God damn you, Nendoroid joints.
I got this one Rei figure once and she was yellowish and this mixture helped to get her to her original color back, but I had to leave her there for a couple of hours. That said, she was a pre-owned and I have no idea how she reached that color.
8 years ago
twistofate8 years ago#3448801Thank you! I hope to hear more of your wonderful and interesting experiences and stories in the future. If you ever decide to visit Japan and need any advice of where to go or shop, let me know.
Aww thank you! I hope to write something new soon as I had loads of fun on the first one.
I'll definitely take you up on that offer. I'm a little nervous to travel so any advice would be appreciated at the time.
8 years ago