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Congratulation on finding a great shortcut between Japanese culture and American fans!

Located in the USA, Kashima is constantly striving to provide American fans like you the most authentic

shopping experiences, our goal is to let you feel you’re indeed in Japan, or more accurately, the Kashima


Lead by a team of decade-old fan of Japanese culture, Kashima is here ready to build the dream goods

for you! If you happen to see us in conventions, don’t forget to say hello to our kanban musume – Setsuka Chan!

Note: All of our items are 100% authentic and they are purchased either from original manufacturers or

their authorized distributors. We DO NOT and will NEVER sell or carry any bootlegged or counterfeit


We have strong connections to some of the best manufacturers of anime & game related goods, and we

do have our own line of products, you can view the samples by clicking HERE (www.kashima-


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