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1★ - Dead and burried
EDIT: I paid for a figure that was never delivered and no explanation was given. The website is dead now. I'll never see that money again.
6 years ago
1★ - Cheating Sellers
If you paid reserve for long time(over 180 day) and waiting deliver with other release items that over protection time from paypal.

I lost my money with this store in this case.

!!!! Beware this seller not response you and you can't contact him after paid !!!!
6 years ago
1★ - Never Again.
I have to edit my previous feedback, due to huge changes how Animarket is working nowadays.
I wrote a detailed feedback in the Forum Thread, just some notes.

Ordere 5 figures over the 2nd half of 2016:
-All delayed by at least 2 months.
-1 figure canceled without any responses.
-1 figure with a production error, response from Animarket "glue it back"
-ignores all emails considering release dates or delays

Conclusion as my title states: Never Again.
6 years ago
1★ - Did they abruptly shut down?
I've been trying to get x3 of my items since last year to be shipped to me. I've emailed them multiple times before I started digging and it seems like they have un-linked all their social media, and basically ran away from everything.

No phone number, no address, no response to emails. I'd be cautious about shopping there. It looks like they're hightailing out of the business and leaving a lot of unfulfilled orders.
6 years ago
2★ - Last Stop Shop
On the surface, Animarket seems to be pretty great: they offer Megahouse Limited + Exclusive figures and promise great customer service.

Well they only deliver on the ability to pay set USD prices and receive your figure at the Japanese release. Aside from my first email, which was inquiring about how long they'd hold items in my VPW, subsequent emails have received no response at all, even to the ones seeking help due to obvious defects on a L+E POP

Tack on expensive shipping (EMS prices on the HK SAL equiv) and while I won't say I'll never buy from them again, they're not my first choi
7 years ago
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