Good Smile CompanyIs this a Hatsune Miku bootleg? HELP THIS NOOB!

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    7 years ago
    Hi, so I'm new to collecting anime figures and as noob on the matter is hard for me to tell which one is fake and which one is original. The other day I went to a perubian Otaku combention (otakufest) and I found a figma stand with lots of figma figures, and I so excited because figma are hard to find in Peru, I was so excited that I bought a HATSUNE MIKU 2.0, but I didn't check if it was original or not. When I got home the figure looked good, but it didn't have the hologram sticker that is supposed to, and the hair loocked a bit too green, and the box felt different that the Eren figma that I bought in another ocation, but the figure had the plastic on the joints, the joints themselfs looked fine to me, the paint job looked great , so I opened it and put it in display. After seeing some references on the internet now I'm comfused if is fake or not but the only thing that doesn't relly look right is the box., please help. I'll post the picture bellow so you can judge (for some reason in the pictures the color looks right, but I have a bad camera).

    Is the shoulder supposed to look like that?
    Why are the letters in English, when in my Eren figure are in Japonese
    I'm not sure if is a good bootleg or I'm just dumb

    The interior of the box looks cheap
    No holographic sticker here
    nor here
    box material comparison, in left Eren (original), in right miku looks like the box of the Eren bootleg that I have (and yes, I have a bootleg Eren).

    P.D: I'm Spanish so forgive my english.
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    7 years ago
    She's legit.
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