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  • Ryuchan7
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    1 year ago • Updated 1 year ago
    Hello, i'm a little bit worried because i'm trying to order a nendoroid with my paypal account but it is not working. At GSC it's supposed that when you place an order, the payment is charged when the figure is realased; actually i don't have enough money at my account but that shouldn't be a problem.
    I also wanted to ask if when you have several orders cancelled , my accound will be blocked so i can't purchase more in the future.
    Thank you!
  • leetshoe
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    1 year ago • Updated 1 year ago
    if you pay with paypal, they charge up front
    (the US site)
  • warriorofdream
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    1 year ago • Updated 1 year ago
    If you paying with paypal they don't charge up front, they charge on release date,
    but from my experience you have to have enough money while pre-ordering,
    if you don't, your order won't come through.

    For example if you have just 2k yen on your paypal and nendoroid is 6k,
    you won't be able to pre-order, even thou you don't pay for it right now,
    you need to have cash right now.
    I know sounds stupid but I had exactly the same issue,
    few years ago and the only solution for me was temporary add enough money to my account
    to order sth, also you can
    link your credit card to paypal which will also read it as "you have enough funds".
  • fantasy_trance
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    1 year ago
    You can have many orders cancelled and they will not close your account. I know because I had a ton of orders cancelled in 2019, but they still kept my account open.
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